Although Greens hold varied positions on many specific issues, American Greens agree on a set of ten key values:

  • social justice
  • nonviolence
  • ecological wisdom
  • grassroots democracy
  • respect for diversity
  • decentralization
  • community based economics
  • global responsibility
  • feminism
  • future focus

These values are reflected in the platforms of Green Party candidates, and of local, state and national Green Parties.  See the Green Party US Platform for positions on many national and international issues.

4 thoughts on “issues”

  1. After this horrible election year, and with much exploration, the Green Party comes closest to my personal beliefs, especially environmental, feminist, decentralization and the end of the 2 party system run by big money interests. I think I have found my niche.

  2. Glad to see the Green Party in Vermont
    Was a member when I lived in Massachusetts. Retired in Vermont 3 years ago.

  3. I believe the green party can be strong! we need to unite and end the 2 party trap. Vermont needs this

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grassroots organizing for social justice, democracy, nonviolence and ecology